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Angelina Fibres
Heat bonding, iridescent soft shimmering ultra fine, super soft fibres which create an intense luminescent effect where light is reflected and refracted. When heat is applied to fibres, a luminescent web of non-woven fibres is produced. Angelina Fibres can be incorporated into textile work, machine embroidery,...
Corriedale Felting Wool
We stock Corriedale felting wool fibres. It's a beautiful soft wool suitable for felting and spinning. The fibres have all been combed into a sliver which is ready to use with no waste or preparation required.
Series 1 - Markel Paintstik
Markal Paintstiks are fantastic for fabric colouring and decorating. The oil and wax crayons offer instant colour that can be used on any porous surface such as fabric, unglazed terracotta, wood or paper in fact their use is almost infinite, and when fixed with heat they become permanent! Markal paintstiks...
Cotman Water Colour 8ml
To compliment their range of artists' water colour, Winsor and Newton also produce their Cotman range.This range is made to usual quality standards, but costs are kept to an economical level by replacing some of the more costly pigments with less expensive alternatives. 003 Alizarin Crimson Hue 074 Burnt...
Americana Craft Acrylic
All purpose, acid free, professional artists' quality, highly pigmented water-based acrylic paint for decorative artists and general craft use. Ideal for card making and decorative brushstrokes. Also excellent for home decor and fabric painting. Smooth, creamy consistency and high covering power - opaque...