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Americana Craft Acrylic
All purpose, acid free, professional artists' quality, highly pigmented water-based acrylic paint for decorative artists and general craft use. Ideal for card making and decorative brushstrokes. Also excellent for home decor and fabric painting. Smooth, creamy consistency and high covering power - opaque...
Artist's Pitt Pen Brush Wallet
Pitt Pens are available in sketching wallets of six sympathetic colours. They contain extremely fade-resistant light-fast pigmented Drawing Ink. They are waterproof, long life, and very convenient to use. They are acid-free and ph neutral, and available in many colours. These packs are available in 6...
Avalon Fix
9 " x 1.1 yards (24cm x 1m). Self-Adhesive and water saluble, non-woven. Ideal for working on lace and for borders. Avalon Fix is soft and stable, with the added bonus of a paper-packed adhesive. Avoids hoop marks on any washable fabric, ideal for projects too small or odd sized to hoop. Hoop stabilizer,...
Avalon Plus
Water-soluble non-woven stabilizer. Very strong. Ideal for light and delicate fabrics. Can be embroidered on its own without fabric. 100% Polyvinyl Alchohol. 30cm x 3m