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Take Along Watercolour Set
Whether creating a background awash with color, or adding fine details, young artists will be delighted with these twelve beautiful, vivid non-toxic watercolors. Contained in a sturdy carry case with a built-in handle, the lid doubles as a mixing tray! Deluxe brush included!
Tyvek Intro Pack
Sheets of bonded spun polythene fibres which bubble and distort with applied heat. Creates texture a bit like crocodile skin. Add colour before or after distorting. Glue or stitch to any given surface. The Intro Pack contains one A4 sheet of Light, Medium & Heavyweight, with full instructions and id...
Pebeo's Vitrail colours are applied with a brush to all carefully degreased transparent surfaces - glass, acetate, polyester, plexiglas. The 26 Vitrail colours are dense, very transparent and air drying. The decorated surface has a good hardness. To imitate stained glass, use the Vitrail colours with...
Vitrail - Cerne Relief
Pebeo Vitrail is solvent based and transparent glass paint. The brilliant colours are used with the Cerne Relief outliner to produce sumptuous stained glass pieces. The Vitrail colours have perfect roundness and incomparable gloss. These Cerne Relief Outliners come in 20ml tubes with an applicator n...
Vitrea 160
30 Water based transparent colours for magnificent decoration on glass. Available in glossy or frosted, the vitrea 160 colours combine professional quality and ease of use. After baking at 160 c (325 F) in a domestic oven, the depth of the colour is enhanced. Colours can be mixed together, in glossed...