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  • Acrylic Wax Clear
    Acrylic Wax Clear
    We sell acrylic wax in 100ml pots. It is intended for use on wood, but enhances encaustic painting and paper with a waxed look.
  • brusho
    Brusho is a unique and versatile medium that lends itself to painting on paper, wood, resist rubbings, wax techniques on paper or fabric. It is used at all levels, primary school children, professional artists and craftspeople, teachers of art and craft. Brusho can be used in a liquid form,when added to cold water in varying strengths depending on the desired effect. It can also be used in a dry powder state, to sprinkle on to wet grounds to produce a grained, textured or washed effect. For resist...
  • Xpandaprint
    Xpandaprint is available in white in 60ml or 30ml. Xpandaprint is an useful medium which can be painted or printed onto paper or textiles.When it is heated with a hairdryer or heat gun it expands to produce a raised 3D surface, giving exciting sculptural effects. It can be painted after heating. 60ML - 5.95 30ML - 3.25
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